A Setting of Simplicity That Honors the Food


I was in Tulum for a week in July and was sooooooo sorry I waited until the second to last night to go here, though I did go back for my final night. It was an absolutely incredible experience and what the chef is doing here both honors local ingredients and the intelligent crafting of dishes. I’m going back to Tulum in November and want to eat here every night. I wonder if I can get a meal card?

Everything stood out for me – from the fried squash blossoms to the friend goat cheese to the tuna with mussel sauce to the lobster in beurre blanc sauce. Everything was don with care and attention to detail.

I never order mojitos because so few make them well. I took a chance and they make a true mojito. I also have to highly recommend a special after dinner liquor made locally from guava. Its not sweet but aromatic and delicious.

I have no idea who the weenie is that said his hamburger was terrible and made him sick. This chef worked at the Gramercy Park Tavern in NYC (one of my favorite restaurants) and his training shines through.