Absolutely Delicious!


We just returned from spending a week in Tulum and the meal we had at Unico is one of the best of the week. We ate at several higher end restaurants along the beach and none were better than the food at Unico. Although it isn’t located on the beach, the room is pleasantly decorated and the food was absolutely delicious. 

We are “foodies” and can’t say enough nice things about the restaurant and food. We had the house salad which was beautifully presented and included lovely grilled shrimp, We then had two specials: an oyster mushroom & asparagus tart which was flakey, creamy and flavorful, and a freshly caught lobster. We have had lobster many times over the years but this was the most succulent, tender, delicious lobster we have ever eaten. Whatever Brian did to make it so perfect is still a mystery! Our bottle of wine was also great. 

Antonio, our waiter, was knowledgeable, passionate and helpful. Anyone who enjoys wonderful food should definitely eat here. Brian should be very proud of his chef skills, menu and staff. Highly recommended!