Best meal we have ever had – not exaggerating!


We don’t have much to add beyond what everybody else is saying about this place – the location is mediocre (near city center but also near a big road with trucks whizzing by), the ambiance was good, and the food was so amazing that we could have been eating in a dumpster in a war zone for all I know, and it still would have been the best meal ever. That’s how good the food was. We ordered wine and beer, fried goat cheese balls, hummus with bread, some garlic chicken thing with fries, and zucchini/squash lasagna, and were even given a complimentary appetizer (fried plantains with some magical sauce) – everything was seriously 10/10 so there is no way to really any particular dish over another. It was all unbelievable. The owner came out and talked to us extremely briefly. The server was extremely nice and helpful. We loved it here and would definitely come back and recommend it to everybody!