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5 Star Quality & Creativity in Tulum Town – Doesn’t Get Better!

Take the “best of the best” restaurants on the beach side, plop it in the middle of Tulum Town and you have just walked into Unico! We’ve eaten here 4-5 times and can’t stay away when we’re craving a divine dining experience. Though we have a bucket list of a dozen or so more restaurants to try on the beach, and we’ve hit more than a few, when it comes time to choose again, we find ourselves returning to Unico.

Two point-outs: 

1. The 8 course tasting menu is a must for all foodies. Every course is simply perfect in size, flavor profile, its place among the 8 courses, freshness, creativity and quality. Nuff said! 

2. The sous vide dishes. If you aren’t familiar with this method of cooking, you are in for the most perfectly cooked protein dish you’ve ever eaten. Add to it an intimate knowledge of flavoring food and you’ve just hit the culinary pinnacle. There’s a reason why this cooking method is prevalent in every 5-star restaurant world-wide. To find it in Tulum Town was very unexpected and speaks to the love of food the owner, Brian and his brilliant team of chefs share.

As for the service staff, any one of them would fit right in working at a 5-star in Europe or the U.S. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. Love the staff here!

The decor is understated, lovely and has a cool vibe. Grab a table by the window and watch the activity of the town. Very charming in my opinion and a comparable meal of this quality would easily be double or triple in the U.S. 

Highly recommend this gem of a restaurant. Not only the best for fine dining in town, but one of the very best including the best on the beach.

Thanks, Unico and wishing you the very best!
Joe & Lee Ann

Worth a Visit

Great place. The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff is very friendly. Try the appetizer ‘Shrimps with garlic’! It is absolutely amazing. I had the tuna for my main course and it was really nice. They also do a great margarita mezcal. Unfortunately we were so full that we didn’t have room for their dessert.

Address Not Needed

You’ll see the there is no street address listed on their page, but it was super easy to find. 
Great meal, great staff, great view looking over the strip.
We have been in the area for a week. We have eaten at our resort, eaten street good in various towns, meals in various restaurants and this was tops! 

More upscale, but not pretentious or unapproachable.

Gourmet Food with Relaxed Atmosphere

Best meal I had in Mexico all week. Started off with spiced lamb meatballs. Flavorful and tender. Had seared ahi tuna, great presentation and huge portion. Skirt steak was cooked perfectly and had flavorful cauliflower and fruity sauce. The pappardelle with shrimp, mushrooms and basil was amazing. The pasta was clearly had made. I wish we had found this place earlier. I would have considered going every night. There are so many more things I would have like to have tried. 

What a great way to end out trip.

First Class Dinning

We loved this place in fact we came here three out of six nights. Being from NYC and having traveled around the world we are used to having a good selection of high quality restaurants. This is no exception. Well done UNICO we will be back

Should be #1 in Tulum

The food and drinks are absolutely the best in Tulum. My husband and I are foodies who met in Manhattan and have since moved to San Francisco. We know good food. This should definitely be rated #1 in Tulum. Although all the food experiences we had in Tulum were either good, great or excellent, this restaurant is beyond compare.

Class Act Dinning Downtown Tulum

We went here a few times already since Unico opened downtown and we love it! It is a very welcome type of place downtown, since we didn’t yet have a more sophisticated dining experience in Tulum pueblo. The food is finger-licking delicious! You notice in everything that the owner is a properly trained chef, he prepares all the food from scratch and the recipes are amazing. We tried quite a few dishes, amongst which: the home made pasta, the tuna and the veggie lasagna and all of them are just perfect. And don’t forget to try the desserts! The service is sweet and professional. It is not cheap, but you definitively get what you pay for! Go!

Visited June 2016

The Excellence in Tulum

Tulum, unfortunately we must admit that, is full of touristic restaurants with almost anything typical.
Unico is different. Ingredients are fresh and excellent, service is simple but elegant, the place is minimalist but at same time cosy. Everything in this place brings you in the typical Mexican atmosphere but with a classy and elegant touch.
Menu of course is not so wide, due to the fact that ingredients are clearly on a daily availability.
Who knows when, but I hope to get back here soon!

  • Visited August 2015

Fabulous Place

Decided to go here after reading a recent scathing review. The rebuttal written was so outstanding, we just had to try it! We were so glad we did, the service and food were fabulous. Margaritas were the drink of choice, and I asked if they had anything in the fruit line they could blend in, voilà a divine pineapple blend arrived. We shared the baked avocado stuffed with crab dip and toasts. Then we had the prime rib and seared tuna, which definitely lived up to the hype.
Such fun being able to look down on the street. It was pretty warm up there for sure, but we did not come all this way to be in a chilly sterile environment!
The dessert menu looked amazing, wish I’d saved room!

Visited June 2016 


We are now open on Tulum Avenue.  Come by and check out our new space and try our new menu items.