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Fresh and good

Fresh bistro food! Not. overdone and dressed up – chef justs nudges the ingredients forward. Great, foodie friendly service.

One of the best meals in Tulum!

Brian is an amazing chef from New York who decided to head down to Tulum and open his own place and it’s fantastic. It’s situated off the highway next to the oxxo isolated from the main area where we usually are in Tulum, when you get there you don’t really expect the food to be as great as it was. Everything was unbelievably fresh and you could tell the passion and care that he puts into using local ingredients and flavours. There was one dish we were all a little disappointed with which was the stuffed avocado but the fried goat cheese with honey and the grilled octopus were so great that we ordered a second round. I had the wild snook in the lobster sauce with crispy potato cakes and grilled asparagus and it’s one of the best fishes I’ve had since being in Mexico. Stop in this place if you’re in Tulum you’ll be glad you did!

Simply perfect and unique – Simplemente perfecto y único

Using Google translate I now know why this retaurant is Unico!

It’s not often a restaurant’s name indicates the dining experience one will have.

We were warmly greeted by Antonio upon arrival at the restaurant; he was also our server for the evening. Antonio was attentive and had a knack for checking on us at just the right time to serve more wine, which he’d recommended as a pairing with our meals,or make sure we were doing alright. Love the Nebbiolo!

The restaurant decor was warm and had a local flavour we liked very much. Even the short path to the super clean restrooms was nicely done with many flowers and plants to guide the way.

Each of the three courses we each had were done to perfection; quite easily one of the best meals we’ve ever had anywhere. Chef Brian and his sous chef Gilly clearly pay attention to all aspects of the dishes. Not only are the flavours fresh, vibrant and interesting, but are artfully presented as well. 

Once our mains were served, Chef Brian made a point of coming to our table to thank us for dining at his restaurant and to make sure everything was to our liking. A very personal touch. During our visit we discovered as much local ingredients as possible were used by the restaurant in the meals. As well, all the breads, pastas and deserts are hand-made in house. Seafood from the waters around Tulum. Herbs, mushrooms and vegetables from the commercial organic garden just up the road. Fresh is best!

We were treated to many taste sensations; seared, grilled octopus, mussels (so good my wife wondered out loud if it would be poor manners to drink the rest of the broth from the bowl), goat cheese with rosemary, grilled lobster tail, lobster risotto, roasted chicken and grilled snapper. The lava cake, cheesecake, and bread pudding we shared for dessert were absolutely divine!The passion fruit mojitos were particularly tasty too.

Thank you Chef Brian, sous chef Gilly,Deya and Antonio. You made our group’s combination, 25th anniversary, 50th birthday and “just married the previous weekend”, celebration one to remember!

We liked our dining experience so much we went again before, sadly, our vacation ended. Can’t wait to get back in January again for another meal or two!

Very good

Enjoyed a very delicous dinner there in early October. Nice to have a change from the beach road restaurants in Tulum. This quant restaurant in right on the edge of town in a charming space. Very friendly service! The owner is a New Yorker who moved to Tulum, a very genuine and friendly man. 

Amazing goat cheese with honey and thyme!!!! One of the most delicious bites of our trip! We are big foodies so were a little bit dissapointed (as many on tripadvisor raved greatly about this restaurant saying it was some of the best food they had ever had). Don’t get me wrong, it was good but not the ‘best meal’ of our lives. The lobster risotto (daily special) was very overly salted.

Overall this chef has a great thing going on! Felt like a charming family owned restaurant (which it is) Definely a place to keep your eyes on in the future. Also, great value!!!!

Great food

We had the red snapper and the rib-eye steak. It tasted great! The best thing about the meal I think was the entrees. We had the focaccia with hummus and the goat cheese with honey. Delicious!

when you get tired of tacos

This is definitely one of the best “food” experiences I have had in Mexico., Including Café de Artist, PV.,Remember..”experience”. It is always great when the chef owner of a restaurant comes to your table, not only bringing your meal but taking the time to talk. While in Tulum we enjoyed Unico twice. Would go back again if more time allowed. The meal was perfect. I am now looking for a source in the states to get Snook. 

WOW! Being Former Restaurant Owner This Place is OUTSTANDING!

All I can say is I was down there for a week and this place was by far the best. He is a former New York chef and provides unique dishes with incredible presentation and most delicious food I have experienced in years. We ate at some of the boutique hotel restaurants but this place blows them away. 
Place is very simple but safe and most outstanding food you’ll experience. Have fun and thank you chef for a great experience. Our friends Llana and Bill that live there helped us find Unico.

Absolutely Delicious!

We just returned from spending a week in Tulum and the meal we had at Unico is one of the best of the week. We ate at several higher end restaurants along the beach and none were better than the food at Unico. Although it isn’t located on the beach, the room is pleasantly decorated and the food was absolutely delicious. 

We are “foodies” and can’t say enough nice things about the restaurant and food. We had the house salad which was beautifully presented and included lovely grilled shrimp, We then had two specials: an oyster mushroom & asparagus tart which was flakey, creamy and flavorful, and a freshly caught lobster. We have had lobster many times over the years but this was the most succulent, tender, delicious lobster we have ever eaten. Whatever Brian did to make it so perfect is still a mystery! Our bottle of wine was also great. 

Antonio, our waiter, was knowledgeable, passionate and helpful. Anyone who enjoys wonderful food should definitely eat here. Brian should be very proud of his chef skills, menu and staff. Highly recommended!

Absolutely Fantastic

We found this restaurant through trip advisor and we were not disappointed one bit! Our waiter Antonio was very knowledgable about the menu, to the point that he could recommend dishes which were gluten free ( as I have a high gluten intolerance) as well as matching wines to our dishes. I just can’t compliment the chef and the service enough! Pure perfection, we hope to be back before we leave Tulum.


Excellent dishes. A must do in Tulum.

Thank you Brian for opening a really good restaurant in Tulum. Your dishes are succulent. You perfectly use the wonderful local ingredients and take time to get out of your kitchen to have special attention to your guests. I’m looking forward to visiting again to try some new things.