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It gets better and better

We recently moved to Tulum, after eating at some very good restaurants (and some not so good), Unico has become our restaurant of choice. The food is without reservation, the best in Tulum with impeccable service at a fair price !! The recent addition of rabbit as a “special” entree with tomato, olives and rosemary was superb. Also, after much cajoling, Chef Brian acceded to our request to make a Passion Fruit (Maracuya) Flan he added a side of of grapefruit sorbet with its caramelized rind on top… Incomparable dessert!! Visit and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience, Chef Brian has redefined the art of “good eating” for the Riviera Maya.

Dazzling food

We were looking for fine food in the area after a rainy visit of Tulum. We found this place just on the other side of the road through trip advisor. At first, the service is amazing (even for Mexican standards), we got some home bread and it was fantastic. I chose fish and it was superb. The deserts were heavenly as well. I chatted the waiter about local brandy and he came back with some anis spirit that was fairly good even for my French palate. Frankly, we did not expect such a high quality there to be honest. Then we had a conversation with the chef as we were on the early service (6pm british dinner meaning that we did not have food at the same time as locals to say the less), and that was the answer to our questions, Brian is American trained in New-York at the Gramercy (on the 20th street between Broadway and Park Avenue) and is using is cutting edge skills with the amazing Mexican ingredients. Next time we go to Yucatan, we will make a special stop for Unico Thanks again Brian!


I want to let you know that it is amazing!!! Delicious !!! My family and I loved this place !! Simply the best restaurant !!

Tremendous food in an unusual location

This is a newer restaurant located in Tulum pueblo (not on the beach) owned and operated by an American chef from New York. The location leaves a lot to be desired, but don’t let that deter you from coming here. The food is terrific! Some of the best I’ve had in Mexico. The service was very good. It was not crowded at all when we dined. I think the place is still catching on. Definitely try the grilled octopus and fried goat cheese with honey appetizers. All the entrees looked great, but we went with grilled spiny lobster and homemade lobster raviolis. Take one night away from the beach and give this place a try!

World class!

My husband and I are definitely foodies. We love to eat when we travel and always hope to stumble upon gems like this. This is seriously world class dining and in Tulum! Every dish was superb. The food was fresh, delicious, unique. I want to come back to Tulum so I can eat here again! The waiter was hilarious and helpful. The wine was fantastic and perfectly paired. The chef came out to greet us, which always feels special. He is special and so is this restaurant. Very reasonably priced for what you get. We ate absolutely everything on our plates(I never do that!). My only suggestion is that space could be cozied up a little bit with better and more flattering lighting. Some big paper lanterns would do the trick. I want the lights low when I’m literally licking my plate clean.

Best meal we have ever had – not exaggerating!

We don’t have much to add beyond what everybody else is saying about this place – the location is mediocre (near city center but also near a big road with trucks whizzing by), the ambiance was good, and the food was so amazing that we could have been eating in a dumpster in a war zone for all I know, and it still would have been the best meal ever. That’s how good the food was. We ordered wine and beer, fried goat cheese balls, hummus with bread, some garlic chicken thing with fries, and zucchini/squash lasagna, and were even given a complimentary appetizer (fried plantains with some magical sauce) – everything was seriously 10/10 so there is no way to really any particular dish over another. It was all unbelievable. The owner came out and talked to us extremely briefly. The server was extremely nice and helpful. We loved it here and would definitely come back and recommend it to everybody!

A Setting of Simplicity That Honors the Food

I was in Tulum for a week in July and was sooooooo sorry I waited until the second to last night to go here, though I did go back for my final night. It was an absolutely incredible experience and what the chef is doing here both honors local ingredients and the intelligent crafting of dishes. I’m going back to Tulum in November and want to eat here every night. I wonder if I can get a meal card?

Everything stood out for me – from the fried squash blossoms to the friend goat cheese to the tuna with mussel sauce to the lobster in beurre blanc sauce. Everything was don with care and attention to detail.

I never order mojitos because so few make them well. I took a chance and they make a true mojito. I also have to highly recommend a special after dinner liquor made locally from guava. Its not sweet but aromatic and delicious.

I have no idea who the weenie is that said his hamburger was terrible and made him sick. This chef worked at the Gramercy Park Tavern in NYC (one of my favorite restaurants) and his training shines through.

Great restaurant not greatest location

Definitely worth it for the food and service however it is on a major truck road to coba so you lose a lot with truck and taxi noise. However the food is worth the noise. The chef is great and will accommodate your food desires (vegan for example). I highly recommend this place for a nice restaurant experience very upscale in a casual environment. Especially nice if you want a little nicer dining experience with great service and not the crowded food slung around in most lower end places in town. It’s expensive so for a special occasion but well worth the trip.

My Favorite Tulum Restaurant

My husband and I ate here on our anniversary trip in June. It was my favorite dining experience during our stay in the Tulum area! The food was delicious, the drinks were great and the atmosphere was really nice. We weren’t bothered by the busy road. Our server was great. The restaurant is VERY clean and the kitchen is so open you can see everything they are doing. We had a lovely time and left feeling full, content, and happy! And I LOVED the cheesecake!

Ex-Pat Restaurant,”Best Chef in Tulum”

Amazing dinner in Tulum! The hotel floor manager was listing places for us to try while we were in Tulum, and he said that Unico is definitely the best (next to Hartwood!). The kitchen is run by Brian, who you might know from Gramercy Tavern in NYC. Delicious and fresh, you’ll find creative seafood and amazing desserts! We had the pecan pie and the chocolate lava cake – HIGHLY recommend.

I’m not sure what their regular hours were, the website says something different than when we were there. We went to go there for lunch on Sunday but they were only open from 4-10P. You might want to just check their hours when you are down there. This restaurant is also in the town area, not along the beach – so unfortunately the front porch with outdoor seating is still next to a road with noisy cars. Best to pick inside seating…