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Head and shoulders above the rest

This restaurant is in Tulum town centre, but it is away from main strip of restaurants. Actually it is at a crossroads heavily frequented by transport trucks but due to the fact that it’s set back from the road, that is not much of a problem. The menu was more creative and diverse than others that we found while we were staying in Tulum, more cosmopolitan with a bit of local twist. The prices were comparable to the trendy restaurants at the beach strip i.e. higher than the Tulum town centre prices, but the quality of cuisine presented stood head and shoulders over everything else we found in Tulum. It is worth a visit, but expect to pay a bit more here. I would definitely come back here on our next trip to Tulum.

Great place to eat in Tulum!!

We ate here because of all the good reviews and it was not a disappointment!! The service is excellent, the food is excellent and the owner makes sure he comes out to greet you. Everything we had tasted wonderful. If you are in Tulum make a point to stop by here and try one of the wonderful dishes. We had the fried goat cheese, Shrimp Croquette, Vegetable Lasagna to name a few and everything was priced just right. It was easy to find, we took a taxi from our Cabanas and visited twice during our stay.

Best of Tulum

By far the best food and service encountered in Tulum. Not only is the food delicious but it comes out looking as if it came from a 5 star restaurant in Manhattan, great attention to detail. Diverse menu, caters to vegetarians, you can find a local taste or something from another part of the globe. Exceptionally clean restaurant and bathrooms, above average for Mexico. 

One of THE BEST MARGARITAS I have ever had in my life, and I consider myself an aficionado of tequila and margaritas (is it rude to ask for the recipe?). Quite the cocktail, full, and rich body of flavor, you can taste the tequila, wasn’t the usual watered down or pre-blended mix I’ve encountered during my trips to Mexico. 

After our meal they gave my family and I shots on the house! We’re going back again this evening. Wish I could enjoy this food at home, I would be a regular.

Don’t miss it!

A tremendous meal. From the service to the food, Unico exceeds its peers in Tulum. The food is fresh and cooked with care and perfection.The menu is designed by the chef based on what he loves to cook and it shows. This meal was one of many we had in Tulum and it was far better than anything we had in any upscale beach restaurant. Plus, it wasn’t over-priced like many other area restaurants.

The chef/owner has put his heart and soul into this restaurant and you can feel and taste it. If you are in Tulum, don’t miss Unico. If you are staying on the beach, come into town and eat here at least once. Don’t miss it!

Dishes eaten:

Grilled octopus starter: Excellent. Highly recommended.
Roasted pepper salad: Good but not the best of what we ordered.
Shrimp Linguine: Delicious. Fantastic dish. Great flavor from the fresh pasta, sauces and shrimp.
Vegetable lasagna: Unique presentation and tasty. Lots of cheese. Would order again.
Bread pudding dessert: YES. Could have seconds and thirds of this.

Nada Mas!

I normally would not write a review simply because I am spoiled by having eaten some fine food across Americas and much of Europe. However the attention to detail — from attentive warm service to the wine recommendation to the multi- course meal to the last bite of heavenly dessert to unique digestivos at this restaurant deserves special recognition. 

To start with we — myself and the most beautiful woman in this world — happened to learn of it from the smart and charming wife of the chef. We met her at Casa Magna after we picked up “Lua” — serendipity follows my beauty like bees to a flower — another smart girl from Argentina on her way to work next door to Casa Magna at Beach Tulum. Any wife worth having would recommend her chef husband’s food at their restaurant – a given. But this was truly a special meal not to mention being treated like lost friends who suddenly found one another and a member of family. So gracious, attentive and beyond any expectation of culinary competence, creativity and skill I can merely say. Superlative. Sublime. Spicy. Just delicious…there is but one thing better and she is not on any menu!

If the group Michelin came and sampled the food here it would become rated. It is an earnest understatement to exclaim that each of our chef chosen plates was so very great that if it was possible I would be forced to rub it on me. Nada mas … Nothing more can or need be said. Miss this food and fine by me because there will be more I can enjoy!

Great New(ish) Tulum Restaurant

This was a truly great dining experience. We were greeted by Brian, the chef, when we arrived, and we picked an outdoor table. We had completely sprayed down with Off before we left our hotel, as the mosquitos in Mexico are quite bloodthirsty, and we love eating outdoors. The restaurant is right on a main road, but it’s set back a bit, and there are plants all around that help to camouflage the road, so that didn’t bother us at all. We were lucky to choose a night that was very quiet – only a few other tables were seated while we were there. Seems that in a tourist destination, there’s not a regular “busy” night. Our waiter was very nice and attentive. 

We were first brought an amuse bouche of local tiny tomatoes with a tasty sauce. Then we had the fried goat cheese appetizer, since we had heard such good things, and we were not disappointed – yum! We also had the grilled octopus, which was cooked to perfection. For our entrees, we had the lobster ravioli and the mussels – both were excellent. And what a great surprise to find a pecan pie on the menu for dessert, with a great home made ice cream. Everything was presented beautifully, and the portion sizes were perfect. I don’t know why anyone would want to have huge portions on vacation, since you can’t take a doggie bag to a hotel with no fridge! Plus, I don’t like leaving a restaurant bloated. All of the flavor combinations were really great, and it’s apparent that this chef really knows what he’s doing. Such a nice surprise to find a restaurant of this caliber in a tourist town. 

One great final touch – we were chatting with Brian at the end of our meal, and we asked him where he got his local honey, as we had been looking for some to take back home with us, and he sold us some right from his restaurant! I can’t wait to return to Tulum, and to Unico.

Attentive service and good food

Just came back from visiting Unico. We had fried goat cheese and beet salad followed by lobster ravioli. Ended the meal with cheesecake and strawberry sorbet. Having realized that Tulum isn’t foodie’s paradise we were very pleased with our evening. Nice cocktails and really good food considering the prices. Attentive service, it was a very nice touch that the chef came out a couple of times asking how everything was. Also appropriated the mosquito repellent that was provided. The cheesecake is probably the best I’ve ever had, creamy yet not too rich which cheesecakes tend to be. Maybe not the most romantic setting but I’d rather go here for a good affordable meal that to the ridiculously overpriced restaurants on the beach strip. Beats Hartwood any day!

Great addition to restaurants in Tulum

We tried Unico for the first time last week and went back again during our time in Tulum. All of the appetizers were excellent – great fried goat cheese, tomatoes, and foccacia. Fours of us tried shrimp fettucine, hamburgers, chocolate cake and good Baja California wine. All was delicious, the service was excellent and Brian and staff are wonderful.

The best choice in Tulum

This is one of the best beach restaurants I’ve been to. Excellent service and really nice people that make your stay very comfortable. To start we had really tasty steamed mussels then an awesome wild snook, and very good snapper also the signature salad and the lobster raviolis. We were a party of five and all of us loved our food.

Incredible Flavor Profiles

We ate at the big three during our stay in Tulum. : Hartwood, Posada Margherita, and Unico. Hartwood had very big portions (best to go in a group and share a couple of things) and big bold favors to go along with each dish. Posada Margherita’s pastas and fish were great too. It’s Unico’s incredible flavor profiles that surpass everything in town though. We had their signature salad that reads well but tastes even better! Lobster ravioli with smoked bacon, a grilled filet of snapper, and finished with pecan pie and authentic lava cake. Gilly provides the best service and Brian is a chef that deserves to be called #1. A must visit!