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Excellent food

Went to the restaurant with friends on the last day of our vacation and had such gourmet food that we were sorry we didn’t find this sooner. It would have been worth a second or even third visit. The location is not ideal but the food more than made up for that. The owner/chef came out to greet the diners, as did his wife (nice touch). I would highly recommend this restaurant – it’s a gem in Tulum.

Great food…friendly chef

We’ve eaten here twice now and in both cases we enjoyed the meal from a creative menu. The chef Brian was open and friendly and we could sense that he cared about his food and guests. I would recommend it as a great place to eat but it does lack the atmosphere you get in the beach restaurants. There are mosquitoes due to it being open but they will give you spray. I still give it 5 stars because there are few really good restaurants like this in the center of Town. The waiters are nice and try very hard but seem to lack experience at times – e.g. get drink orders wrong. Definitely recommend it if you are in town.

Fantastic find

Brian was very kind and offers interesting food for whatever type of food that you might want. Worked very hard to make dining experience enjoyable for everyone. Will return next time we are in Tulum!

Great service and food. Menu has something for everyone.

Brian was very kind and offers interesting food for whatever type of food that you might want. Worked very hard to make dining experience enjoyable for everyone. Will return next time we are in Tulum!

I just don’t get it…

OK, so it’s rated the best restaurant in Tulum by TA. Fantastic, it is! Then explain to me why hardly anybody goes there?! I’ve had several excellent meals there but yet each time there have been a smattering of people in the restaurant. On my last visit I saw a couple on bicycles ride up, look at the menu, then get back on their bikes and ride away! There were two young ladies next to us and one of them orders pasta with plain tomato sauce! Uhh… I’m pretty sure you could’ve had that at home.
When chef Brian packs up his stuff and heads back to NY, Tulum will be take a giant step backwards.

One of our best meals in Tulum

The location is about a block off Avenida Tulum on the road to Coba. If you’re heading towards Coba, it’s on the left side of the road next to the OXXO convenience store, and across the street from the supermarket. The place is small, around ten tables inside and maybe three more on the porch. The building looks like it may have been a house. There are not many decorations inside, its a bit stark.

The food and service were both excellent. For the two of us we ordered one drink prior to the meal, had one roasted beet salad with goat cheese and pecans, the vegetarian lasagna wrapped in zucchini, red snapper with a puree of chayote and chaya with roasted red peppers, a bottle of wine, one expresso and one chocolate lava cake with ice cream after dinner- all for right at $100 USD. The meal was one of the best we have had anywhere in Tulum. Creative and cooked to perfection. We’ve been looking for a place with good food like this in town! The waiter was great also – knowledgeable and attentive but not overpowering, totally bilingual Spanish/English. We will be back soon!

Excellent Dinner!

Went here last night and had the grilled shrimp for an appetizer, lobster ravioli and a grilled white fish. The flavour was unbelievable. Absolutely delicious. It’s a bit on the pricey end but it was well worth it. A real treat. The owner came by twice to every table which is a really nice touch. 

Service was excellent.

Would definitely go back.

Outstanding, outstanding, outstanding

A good restaurant needs more than good food, as a minimum it needs ambience or atmosphere so that you feel comfortable. It needs good service and of course it needs good food. Unico has all three, and in very large amounts. The hostess, waiter and chef were all entirely charming, these are people who care not only about their restaurant but your experience, you cannot fail to be impressed by their passion, but it is never too much it never fails to feel sincere. They are pleased to see you and they will ensure you have a good time.
The location is not out of the way, but it isn’t entirely main drag either. Almost on the main cross roads in Tulum, on the way to Coba (a 100 yards on the way) opposite the large St Francisco de Assis Supermarket. The road is busy although not too bad at night and they have worked hard to get vegetation in to mask any noise. The restaurant is clean and bright with a modern but rustic look, everything you touch feels of good quality, they have put thought into everything. We visited on Saturday when they had a live duo singing a nice mix of modern songs.
Lastly the food, I’ve been paying twice as much for half the quality all week, from the bread (warm focaccia embedded with tomato and onion with a spiced humous paste) and through every course it was excellent, starting with chicken empanadas and avocado cream (I have been working on creating an avocado shortage in Mexico but this was easily the best) and a simple but excellent tomato and mozzarella salad, followed by sea bass and snapper cooked perfectly through to Dulce de leche bread pudding and pecan pie, the mix of modern and traditional, Mexican and international was very well judged, I only have two nights left in Tulum, question for me is whether I spend both in the same restaurant.
Closed Tuesdays, but will have gone then.

Unico – The most unique dining place in Tulum

We heard about Unico and like others – found it difficult to locate – initially – but given it’s on the Copa Road just as you enter Tulum – and across from – not next to the Supermarket San Francisco – and it’s blue and white fascade and interior and the tree with the white lights just out front (there will soon be a spa next door), make it easy to spot, (once you stop looking for a place next to the supermarket), you’re there! And you will be so glad to have found it, and Brian, the remarkable chef who prepares things based on what’s local and available that day and will work around whatever your food allergies (mine) demand – you will want to return again and again. This is a gem! You will want to tell people about, bring groups to and return to. We were there twice and will be back next year. There is nothing but unique and wonderful offerings on the menu each night. Evan the artist/waiter makes great recommendations and this place is just flat out wonderful. Get there!

Wonderful experience

Enjoyed the food so much. It was a nice departure from the usual local cuisine. The atmosphere was comfortable and well done. We will be back.