Nada Mas!


I normally would not write a review simply because I am spoiled by having eaten some fine food across Americas and much of Europe. However the attention to detail — from attentive warm service to the wine recommendation to the multi- course meal to the last bite of heavenly dessert to unique digestivos at this restaurant deserves special recognition. 

To start with we — myself and the most beautiful woman in this world — happened to learn of it from the smart and charming wife of the chef. We met her at Casa Magna after we picked up “Lua” — serendipity follows my beauty like bees to a flower — another smart girl from Argentina on her way to work next door to Casa Magna at Beach Tulum. Any wife worth having would recommend her chef husband’s food at their restaurant – a given. But this was truly a special meal not to mention being treated like lost friends who suddenly found one another and a member of family. So gracious, attentive and beyond any expectation of culinary competence, creativity and skill I can merely say. Superlative. Sublime. Spicy. Just delicious…there is but one thing better and she is not on any menu!

If the group Michelin came and sampled the food here it would become rated. It is an earnest understatement to exclaim that each of our chef chosen plates was so very great that if it was possible I would be forced to rub it on me. Nada mas … Nothing more can or need be said. Miss this food and fine by me because there will be more I can enjoy!