One of the best meals in Tulum!


Brian is an amazing chef from New York who decided to head down to Tulum and open his own place and it’s fantastic. It’s situated off the highway next to the oxxo isolated from the main area where we usually are in Tulum, when you get there you don’t really expect the food to be as great as it was. Everything was unbelievably fresh and you could tell the passion and care that he puts into using local ingredients and flavours. There was one dish we were all a little disappointed with which was the stuffed avocado but the fried goat cheese with honey and the grilled octopus were so great that we ordered a second round. I had the wild snook in the lobster sauce with crispy potato cakes and grilled asparagus and it’s one of the best fishes I’ve had since being in Mexico. Stop in this place if you’re in Tulum you’ll be glad you did!