“Tulum just got Lucky”


My old friend Millie at Azafran always has a new place for me to try. This year it was Unico…. WOW…..Went in not knowing what to expect. A New Yorker way down here! First thing I noticed was Brian’s knife skills. It was obvious he has had some serious time in a serious kitchen. I won’t drop the name, but trust me, he has worked for a man we all know well.

First meal we had was for 2 people. 5 starters, one main, and dessert shared. …Humus, whiskey chicken, grilled octopus, asian spicy chicken steamed buns,and fried goat cheese w/ honey. Then lobster ravioli w/ bacon, finishing with a pecan pie w/ home made vanilla ice cream …The attention to detail was first class. I tend to be very critical and I could not find the smallest thing to complain about. And the price was absurdly low. I doubt it will stay that way for long.

Went back and had “burger night”…easily the best burger in the area. Fries were hand cut. And the sangria was the perfect mate for the food.

Next meal was for 3 people….Goat cheese because it was impossible to not order it again. As well as the lobster ravioli. Then a light as a feather vegetable lasagna. No pasta, just ribbons of zucchini wrapped around a very flavorful ricotta filling. Then a pan sautéed local Sea Bass in a shellfish sauce. The best part of this dish was the skin. It took real skill to know when it was just the right doneness without being overcooked. Finishing with a chocolate lava cake and a bread pudding made with homemade Challah.

The Challah was so good I had to go back for French Toast, which was, once again perfectly delivered. Crisp on the outside and a soft and creamy interior.

These are some of the most genuinely nice people I have met in Tulum. The Pueblo is so much more warm and inviting compared to dining on the beach road. I highly recommend you try this place multiple times on your visit. One time is not enough….As I said above, Tulum just got lucky!