Very good


Enjoyed a very delicous dinner there in early October. Nice to have a change from the beach road restaurants in Tulum. This quant restaurant in right on the edge of town in a charming space. Very friendly service! The owner is a New Yorker who moved to Tulum, a very genuine and friendly man. 

Amazing goat cheese with honey and thyme!!!! One of the most delicious bites of our trip! We are big foodies so were a little bit dissapointed (as many on tripadvisor raved greatly about this restaurant saying it was some of the best food they had ever had). Don’t get me wrong, it was good but not the ‘best meal’ of our lives. The lobster risotto (daily special) was very overly salted.

Overall this chef has a great thing going on! Felt like a charming family owned restaurant (which it is) Definely a place to keep your eyes on in the future. Also, great value!!!!